Positive Reviews are Like Gold

...We Help You Mine It.

If you run your business well, you probably have lots of happy customers. Unfortunately only a very small percentage of your satisfied customers will take the time to write a positive review about their experience. That's a problem because positive online reviews are extremely valuable today. Over 80% of customers look at online reviews before making a purchase decision. High ratings on websites like Google and Yelp can bring more customers and more revenue. Ratings Builder provides a better system for turning your happy customers into happy reviews.

Great Reviews
Increase Revenue

A recent study found that 92% of local customers will use a business if it has at least a 4-star rating. A great way to increase your revenue would be to implement a system for converting your satisfied customers into positive reviews. Ratings Builder is that system.

Easy To Use

Ratings Builder is optimized for all desktop and mobile devices. This allows your customers to access your system from their favorite device. Removing barriers that hinder customers who might leave positive reviews is not only smart - it's critical.

A Great System that's

simple and affordable

Ratings Builder is just $49 per month. It makes sense to have a system.


Our Service

Comes with a ratings manager to set up and customize your system

When you sign up for Ratings Builder you will be assigned a “Ratings Manager”. Your Ratings Manager is an online review specialist. They will set up your system and customize it specifically for your business. You don't need to be a computer person or even have a website for Ratings Builder to work for you.


One of the challenges with generating fresh positive reviews is that it’s hard to get the action of writing a positive review for your business to the top of a customers “to do” list. They may love your services but with life being so hectic, writing a review seldom shifts from a positive thought into a positive action. It’s hard to remember to ask everyone, plus asking for a review might strike some customers as too forward leading to an uncomfortable situation. Exactly what you don’t want! Ratings Builder will give you a way to move positive thoughts closer to positive actions without creating uncomfortable face-to-face conversations. Win for you!

Helps Shield your business from negative reviews

In addition to helping generate fresh positive reviews, Ratings Builder can help protect your business against negative reviews. The built-in customer feedback system allows customers to discuss details about their experience privately with you. This reduces the risk of receiving a potentially damaging public review.


The online reputation of your business is very important. In the short-term, customers who read reviews tend to be the ones closest to spending money. They also tend to be the ones looking for better quality, not the cheapest price. How would more of this type of customers help your business?

Additionally, over the long term, businesses with the best online reputations tend to be easier to sell for top dollar. A business buyer likes the reassurance that new customers will continue to flow to the business they bought even after the previous owner has parted with it. When the day comes to sell the business you have spent long hours building, online reputation may play a large part in determining selling price or whether it even sells. Let Ratings Builder help you maximize your business profitability before the time comes to sell it.

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